ACRN Hypervisor Parameters

Generic Hypervisor Parameters

The ACRN hypervisor supports the following parameter:






This disables the serial port completely.

bdf@<BDF value>

This sets the serial port PCI BDF (in HEX), e.g. bdf@0xc1

BDF: Bus, Device, and Function (in HEX) of the serial PCI device. The BDF is packed into a 16-bit WORD with format (B:8, D:5, F:3). For example, PCI device 0:18.1 becomes 0xc1

port@<port address>

This sets the serial port PIO address, e.g. uart=port@0x3F8

mmio@<MMIO address>

This sets the serial port MMIO address, e.g. uart=mmio@0xfe040000

The Generic hypervisor parameters are specified in the GRUB multiboot/multiboot2 command. For example:

menuentry 'Boot ACRN hypervisor from multiboot' {
   insmod part_gpt
   insmod ext2
   echo 'Loading ACRN hypervisor ...'
   multiboot --quirk-modules-after-kernel /boot/acrn.32.out uart=bdf@0xc1
   module /boot/bzImage Linux_bzImage
   module /boot/bzImage2 Linux_bzImage2