Supported Hardware

The ACRN project development team is continually adding support for new hardware products, as documented below. As we add new hardware, we also lower our support level for older hardware products. We welcome community contributions to help build ACRN support for a broad collection of architectures and platforms.

Selecting Hardware

When you are selecting hardware to use with ACRN, consider the following:

  • When the development team is working on a new ACRN version, we focus our development and testing on one product. The product is typically a board or kit from the latest processor family.

  • We also provide a level of maintenance for some older products.

  • For all products, we welcome and encourage the community to contribute support by submitting patches for code, documentation, tests, and more.

The following table shows supported processor families, along with the products that the development team has tested. The products are categorized into three support levels: Release, Maintenance, and Community. Each level includes the activities described in the lower levels.

ACRN Version

Intel Processor Family

Tested Product







Tiger Lake




Whiskey Lake





Kaby Lake





Apollo Lake




  • Release: New ACRN features are complete and tested for the listed product. This product is recommended for this ACRN version. Support for older products will transition to the maintenance category as development continues for newer products.

  • Maintenance: For new ACRN versions with maintenance-level support, we verify our Getting Started Guide instructions to ensure the baseline development workflow works and the hypervisor will boot on the listed products. While we don’t verify that all new features will work on this product, we will do best-effort support on reported issues. Maintenance support for a hardware product is typically done for two subsequent ACRN releases (about six months).

  • Community: Community responds with best-effort support for that ACRN version to reported bugs for the listed product.

Urgent bug and security fixes are targeted to the latest release only. Developers should either update to the most current release or back-port these fixes to their own production release.

When you start to explore ACRN, we recommend you select the latest product from the table above. You can also choose other products and give them a try. In either case, use the Board Inspector Tool to generate a board configuration file you will use to configure the ACRN hypervisor, as described in the Getting Started Guide. We encourage your feedback on the mailing list on your findings about unlisted products.