ACRN Installation via Debian Packages

Debian packages provide a simple way to package ACRN configurations on a development computer. You can then copy the packages onto your target system, install the packages, and reboot the system with ACRN and an Ubuntu Service VM up and running.

ACRN does not distribute pre-built Debian packages for the hypervisor or kernel because ACRN and the kernel are configured based on your specific hardware and scenario configurations, as described in the Configuration and Development Overview. Instead after configuring ACRN to your needs, Debian packages are created when you build your ACRN hypervisor and ACRN kernel via Makefile commands.

All the configuration files and scripts used by the Makefile to build the Debian packages are in the misc/packaging folder. The script does all the work to build the Debian packages so you can copy and install them on your target system.

For build and installation steps, see Build ACRN in the Getting Started Guide.