ACRN v0.5 (Jan 2019)

We are pleased to announce the release of Project ACRN version 0.5.

ACRN is a flexible, lightweight reference hypervisor, built with real-time and safety-criticality in mind, optimized to streamline embedded development through an open source platform. Check out the What Is ACRN for more information.

All project ACRN source code is maintained in the repository and includes folders for the ACRN hypervisor, the ACRN device model, and documentation. You can either download this source code as a zip or tar.gz file (see the ACRN v0.5 GitHub release page or use Git clone and checkout commands:

git clone
cd acrn-hypervisor
git checkout v0.5

The project’s online technical documentation is also tagged to correspond with a specific release: generated v0.5 documents can be found at Documentation for the latest (master) branch is found at

Version 0.5 New Features

OVMF support initial patches merged in ACRN: To support booting Windows as a Guest OS, we are using Open source Virtual Machine Firmware (OVMF). Initial patches to support OVMF have been merged in ACRN hypervisor. More patches for ACRN and patches upstreaming to OVMF work will be continuing.

UP2 board serial port support: This release enables serial port debugging on UP2 boards during SOS and UOS boot.

One E2E binary to support all UEFI platform: ACRN can support both Apollo Lake (APL) and Kaby Lake (KBL) NUCs. Instead of having separate builds, this release offers community developers a single end-to-end reference build that supports both UEFI hardware platforms, configured with a new boot parameter. See Getting Started for more information.

APL UP2 board with SBL firmware: With this 0.5 release, ACRN now supports APL UP2 board with slim Bootloader (SBL) firmware. Slim Bootloader is a modern, flexible, light-weight, open source reference boot loader with key benefits such as being fast, small, customizable, and secure. An end-to-end reference build with ACRN hypervisor, Clear Linux OS as SOS, and Clear Linux OS as UOS has been verified on UP2/SBL board.

Document updates: Several new documents have been added in this release, including:

  • 878 - Virtualization HLD

  • 892 - Power Management: VMM control

  • 894 - Power Management: S5

  • 914 - GPU Passthrough

  • 1124 - MMU code reshuffle

  • 1179 - RPMB key passing

  • 1180 - vFastboot release version 0.9

  • 1181 - Integrate enabling Crash OS feature as default in VSBL debugversion

  • 1182 - vSBL to support ACPI customization

  • 1240 - [APL][IO Mediator] Enable VHOST_NET & VHOST to accelerate guest networking with virtio_net.

  • 1284 - [DeviceModel]Enable NHLT table in DM for audio passthrough

  • 1313 - [APL][IO Mediator] Remove unused netmap/vale in virtio-net

  • 1330 - combine VM creating and ioreq shared page setup

  • 1364 - [APL][IO Mediator] virtio code reshuffle

  • 1496 - provide a string convert api and remove banned function for virtio-blk

  • 1546 - hv: timer: add debug information for add_timer

  • 1579 - vSBL to Support Ramoops

  • 1580 - vSBL to support crash mode with vFastboot

  • 1626 - support x2APIC mode for ACRN guests

  • 1672 - L1TF mitigation

  • 1747 - Replace function like macro with inline function

  • 1821 - Optimize IO request path

  • 1832 - Add OVMF booting support for booting as an alternative to vSBL.

  • 1882 - Extend the SOS CMA range from 64M to 128M

  • 1995 - Support SBL firmware as boot loader on Apollo Lake UP2.

  • 2011 - support DISCARD command for virtio-blk

  • 2036 - Update and complete acrn-dm parameters description in the user guide and HLD

  • 2037 - Set correct name for each pthread in DM

  • 2079 - Replace banned API with permitted API function in a crn device-model

  • 2120 - Optimize trusty logic to meet MISRA-C rules

  • 2145 - Reuse linux common virtio header file for virtio

  • 2170 - For UEFI based hardware platforms, one Clear Linux OS E2E build binary can be used for all platform’s installation

  • 2187 - Complete the cleanup of unbounded APIs usage

Fixed Issues

  • 1986 - UOS will hang once watchdog reset triggered

  • 1987 - UOS will have same MAC address after launching UOS with virio-net

  • 2000 - After launching UOS with Audio pass-through, Device (I2C0) doesn’t exist in UOS DSDT.dsl

  • 2030 - UP2 fails to boot with uart=disabled for hypervisor

  • 2031 - UP2 serial port has no output

  • 2133 - The system will hang up and print some error info after boot UOS

Known Issues

1319 - SD card pass-through: UOS can’t see SD card after UOS reboot.

SD card could not be found after UOS reboot in pass-through mode.

Impact: There is no SD card after UOS reboot.

Workaround: None. The issue will be fixed in the next release.

1773 - USB Mediator: Can’t find all devices when multiple usb devices connected[Reproduce rate:60%]

After booting UOS with multiple USB devices plugged in, there’s a 60% chance that one or more devices are not discovered.

Impact: Cannot use multiple USB devices at same time.

Workaround: Unplug and plug-in the unrecognized device after booting.

1774 - UOS can’t stop by command: acrnctl stop [vm name] in SOS

After launching UOS in SOS by “acrnctl start” command, UOS VM failed to be stopped by “acrnctl stop” command.

Impact: Can’t stop UOS in SOS.

Workaround: None. The issue will be fixed in the next release.

1775 - [APL UP2]ACRN debugging tool - acrntrace cannot be used in SOS

There are no acrntrace devices “acrn_trace*” under SOS /dev.

Impact: acrntrace cannot be used in SOS.

Workaround: None. The issue will be fixed in the next release.

1776 - [APL UP2]ACRN debugging tool - acrnlog cannot be used in SOS

There are no acrnlog devices “acrn_hvlog*” under SOS /dev.

Impact: acrnlog cannot be used in SOS.

Workaround: None. The issue will be fixed in the next release.

1780 - Some video formats cannot be played in SOS

Video files with these encodings are not supported in the SOS: H265_10bits, VP8, VP9, VP9_10bits, H265.720p.

Impact: Cannot play those formats of videos in SOS.

Workaround: None. The issues will be fixed in the next release.

1782 - UOS failed to get IP address with the pass-through network card

After a network card is pass-through to UOS, it fails to get an IP address in UOS.

Impact: Cannot use network in UOS.

Workaround: None. The issues will be fixed in the next release.

1796 - APL NUC fails to reboot sometimes

After APL NUC boots to SOS, the “reboot” command sometimes fails to reboot the SOS.

Impact: Cannot reboot SOS.

Workaround: Power off and boot again. The issues will be fixed in the next release.

1991 - Input is useless in UART Console for corner case

Input is useless in UART Console for a corner case, demonstrated with these steps:

  1. Boot to SOS

  2. ssh into the SOS.

  3. use “./” to boot UOS.

  4. On the host, use “minicom -s dev/ttyUSB0”.

  5. Use “sos_console 0” to launch SOS.

Impact: Failed to use UART for input in corner case.

Workaround: Enter other keys before typing Enter.

1996 - There is an error log when using “acrnd&” to boot UOS

An error log is printed when starting acrnd as a background job (acrnd&) to boot UOS. The UOS still boots up normally, but prints: “Failed to open the socket(sos-lcs) to query the reason for the wake-up. Activating all vms when acrnd & to boot uos.”

Impact: UOS boots normally, but prints an error log message.

Workaround: None.

2267 - [APLUP2][LaaG]LaaG can’t detect 4k monitor

After launching UOS on APL UP2 , 4k monitor cannot be detected.

Impact: UOS hasn’t display with 4k monitor.

Workaround: None.

2276 - OVMF failed to launch UOS on UP2.

UP2 failed to launch UOS using OVMF as virtual bootloader with acrn-dm.

Impact: UOS cannot boot up using OVMF

Workaround: Use VSBL as virtual bootloader

2277 - [APLNUC]Launch UOS with 5G memory will hang 2 minutes

If launching UOS with 5G memory, there will be about 2 minutes hang.

Impact: Low UOS boot time performance.

Workaround: None.

2278 - [KBLNUC] Cx/Px is not supported on KBLNUC

C states/P states is not supported on KBL NUC.

Impact: Power Management states related operations cannot be using in SOS/UOS on KBLNUC

Workaround: None

2279 - [APLNUC]After exiting UOS with mediator Usb_KeyBoard and Mouse, SOS cannot use the

Usb_KeyBoard and Mouse After exiting UOS with mediator Usb_KeyBoard and Mouse, SOS cannot use the Usb_KeyBoard and Mouse. Reproduce Steps as below:

  1. Insert USB keyboard and mouse in standard A port (USB3.0 port)

  2. Boot UOS by sharing the USB keyboard and mouse in cmd line: -s n,xhci,1-1:1-2:1-3:1-4:2-1:2-2:2-3:2-4

  3. UOS access USB keyboard and mouse.

  4. Exit UOS.

  5. SOS access USB keyboard and mouse.

Impact: SOS cannot use USB keyboard and mouse in such case.

Workaround: Unplug and plug-in the USB keyboard and mouse after exiting UOS.

2338 - [UP2]Lost 2G memory in SOS when using SBL as bootloader on UP2.

After using SBL as bootloader to boot UP2, SOS only has 2G memory with 4G physical memory bank.

Impact: lost 2G memory in SOS.

Workaround: None. The issue will be fixed in the next release.

Change Log

These commits have been added to the acrn-hypervisor repo since the v0.4 release in Dec 2018 (click on the CommitID link to see details):

  • b7fda274 config: fix no serial output with SBL on UP2

  • ddf1c923 hv: fix violations in md.c md.h and md_internal.h for crypto lib

  • c230a1a6 hv: fix violations in sha256.c for crypto lib

  • 488e7b2a hv: fix violations in hkdf.c and crypto_api.c for crypto lib

  • 08843973 HV: cyclomatic complexity 20 in vlapic_icrlo_write_handler

  • eaa0e307 HV: remove multiple exit/return in routines in the file of vlapic.c

  • 8e00180c HV: Remove goto statement in guest.c

  • 2e01b4c8 HV: trivial changes to meet MISRA-C

  • 971eb84c HV: add const qualifier for functions’ arguments in vlapic.c

  • 63eecf08 HV: remove multiple return statement in get_vcpu_paging_mode() routine

  • b4b9ac59 HV: remove few return statement in while loop of copy_gva function

  • 5a583fb8 HV: move global variable into the scope of calling function

  • 235eaf05 HV: APICBASE_RESERVED definition is not used by any code. Just remove it

  • 04d9f52f update acrn-dm comment, remove the series of dot

  • 7a930d88 hv: virq: refine hypervisor/arch/x86/virq.c

  • 7ebc4877 HV: refine cmdline code, move parts into dbg_cmd

  • a5ca305c HV: add API to change vuart base & irq config

  • f4beaf50 HV: support vuart base & irq can be changed

  • 537adaeb HV: cleanup CONFIG_COM_IRQ related code

  • fde0bcc1 HV: disable vuart when dbg uart is disabled

  • 860c444c hv: coding style: add const qualifier for some function

  • 6f0edfc3 hv: coding style: use the defined data type __packed

  • 40f6a9fd dm: allow PM1_RTC_EN to be written to PM1A

  • 57c661c4 dm: vrtc: add RTC to ACPI DSDT

  • 067273af hv: assign: fix remaining MISRA-C violations

  • 1dfd05cd hv: fix mis-usage of “PAGE_SHIFT”

  • 5c6fe01c hv:Change pcpu_active_bitmap to static

  • 682824de hv:Change phys_cpu_num to static

  • 59e2de48 dm: acpi: add PSDS table in ACPI table

  • 90fd5d58 script: fix launch_uos script issue due to unseen character

  • 96800093 doc: update footer copyright year

  • 9c27ed10 profiling: fix the profiling tool crash by page faults

  • a177d75e doc: initial draft of ACRN coding guidelines

  • d89ce8ae hv: schedule: fix “Procedure has more than one exit point”

  • 952943c3 hv: decouple IO completion polling from idle thread

  • a0154223 hv: clear NEED_RESCHEDULE flag in schedule

  • e8ac9767 hv: use asm_pause() to replace inline ASM to satisfy MISRAC

  • 329ea42d dm: fix the memory leak in virtio mei

  • 8f57c61d dm: Add teardown callback for mevent in uart_core

  • 72d1fa50 dm: refine the uart_core

  • 21aa1907 hv: vcpuid: cpuid leaf 07h has subleaf

  • 2d3f510d hv: trusty_hypercall: fix “Procedure has more than one exit point”

  • 5aa7e29f hv: hypercall: fix “Procedure has more than one exit point”

  • d6a22682 hv: hypercall: fix complicated violations of “Procedure has more than one exit point”

  • f680ed5d hv: hypercall: fix simple violations of “Procedure has more than one exit point”

  • 5ebaaaf9 doc: add CSS for non-compliant code examples

  • e5c12a64 Makefile: add install-samples-up2

  • 83034b71 Makefile: specify BOARD&FIRMWARE in sb-hypervisor-install

  • c932faa2 Makefile: eliminate mistakes due to deprecated PLATFORM

  • 55691aed hv: fix coding style violations in mmu.c

  • c1fc7f5f hv: remove the usage of ‘atoi()’

  • 536ce5fb dm: remove unnecessary ioreq status changing from DM

  • 2d1ddd88 dm: Add vm_clear_ioreq to clear ioreq status

  • 1274fca0 HV: x86: Fix “Variable should be declared static”

  • b3c199d0 hv: mmio_read: add const qualifier

  • 1dee629e hv:vtd: fix additional violations in vtd.c

  • 3998c977 HV: [v2] bugfix in ‘hv_access_memory_region_update()’

  • 59c61403 dm: use snprintf to replace sprintf

  • 4b3ebf69 dm: use strncpy to replace strcpy

  • b3ad44d4 dm: use strnlen to replace strlen

  • 3e0b06cf dm: Fix some issues from string operations

  • 20d0e666 hv: fix sprintf and hypercall violations

  • 277c7ec8 hv: hypercall: fix “Procedure has more than one exit point”

  • 7016244c hv: io: fix MISRA-C violations related to break

  • 68643b61 hv: vcpuid: leaf 0dh is percpu related

  • ea672c5b hv: update coding style for tampoline.c

  • b89b1228 hv: virq: refine acrn_handle_pending_request() has more than one exit point

  • e692d4c7 hv: virq: refine acrn_handle_pending_request() use goto instruction

  • b4de4d1b Makefile: add RELEASE variable to make command

  • 31487e82 Makefile: keep files used for debug target

  • ef03385f hv: Write Buffer Flush - VT-d

  • a5113d92 hv: remove duplicated is_vmx_disabled

  • 1b37ed50 hv: vmcall: fix “goto detected” violations

  • f6ae8351 dm: flush the input/output during tty open.

  • 88a7d8b2 hv: virq: refine vcpu_inject_hi_exception()

  • 3bfa6955 hv: virq: refine vcpu_inject_vlapic_int() has more than one exit point

  • 9c97f6be Documentation: split the build instructions into its own guide

  • c358d29c doc: fix vhm_request doxygen comment

  • 01bc8e56 Documentation: fix formatting in partition mode tutorial

  • c3250030 hv: vcpuid: remove unnecessary check code

  • 83f32c93 hv: vcpuid: leaf 02h has no subleaf, delete un-needed code.

  • 44bee516 dm: virtio: fix compile issue on ubuntu

  • 9fe282f0 hv: Makefile: remove unused MACRO

  • cf47f6cf hv: coding style: refine the remaining functions to one exit point

  • 36dcb0f6 hv: lib: refine inline assembly use in bitmap operation

  • ddd07b95 hv: cpu_state_tbl: fix multiple exits

  • eb77e25f hv: ept: fix MISRA-C violations

  • 5253ac7a dm: virtio: refine header file

  • 738f2536 hv: coding style: refine cpu related function to one exit

  • 9672538c init: move init_scheduler into cpu.c

  • ff0703dd scheduler: make scheduling based on struct sched_object

  • 8aae0dff scheduler: refine make_reschedule_request

  • 6d673648 scheduler: refine runqueue related functions

  • 93e588bc hv: fix e820.c violations

  • 60f78e1e hv:vtd: fix MISRA-C violations on procedure has more than one exit point

  • a98a1a69 hv:vtd: fix MISRA-C violations on pointer not checked for null before use

  • 725e1921 hv:vtd: fix MISRA-C violations on comment possibly contains code

  • 897ffa27 hv:vtd: fix MISRA-C violations on logical conjunctions need brackets

  • 80b392a8 hv:vtd: fix MISRA-C violations on pointer param should be declared pointer to const

  • 5282fa89 hv:vtd: fix MISRA-C violations on scope of variable could be reduced

  • bec21d14 Patch for modularizing ioapic.[c/h] and related files.

  • af9b7476 doc: fix formatting in NUC GSG

  • 61f03dae DOC: change PCI uart description from mmio to bdf

  • 50f5b0f6 hv: vmexit: fix MISRA-C violations related to multiple exits

  • 0a713e6f hv: coding style: refine set_vcpuid_entries to one exit

  • a56abee9 hv: coding style: refine find_vcpuid_entry

  • 58d2a418 HV: fix pm code for multi-exits & unsigned const

  • 97a73951 dm: pass mac seed not to use vm name on UP2

  • 1c99a975 hv: coding style: refine trusty

  • 1dca17cd hv: coding style: refine initialize_trusty to one exit

  • 8a55f038 hv: coding style: refine hcall_initialize_trusty to one exit

  • 1d1d2434 DM USB: xHCI: change log level of some logs for S3 online debugging

  • 5f0c093e hv: coding style: remove no real declaration for external variable

  • 1e3358fd Debug: Add one hypercall to query hardware info

  • 81a9de60 hv:fix MISRA-C violations in create_vm

  • bb47184f hv: fix enable_msr_interception() function

  • 56af4332 hv: io: fix MISRA-C violations related to multiple exits

  • c03bad1f hv: io: fix MISRA-C violations related to style

  • f27aa70f hv: coding style: refine page related

  • 7c2198c4 hv: config.h fix “Nested comment found.”

  • e22b35e3 HV/DM: Unify the usage of aligned for structure definition with alignment

  • 71a80d2d hv: assign: change ptirq vpin source type from enum to macro

  • d5865632 hv: assign: remove added ptirq entries if fails to add all

  • d48dc387 hv: assign: fix MISRA-C violations on multiple exits

  • e8b3e44f hv: assign: fix MISRA-C violations on potential null pointer deference

  • e19dcf57 hv: assign: fix MISRA-C violations on implicit type conversion

  • 714814f9 hv: move atoi and strtol_dec to debug directory

  • 32d6aa97 hv: string: fix MISRA-C violations related to style

  • 2c6c383e hv: string: fix MISRA-C violations related to break

  • b319e654 HV: fix bug adapt uart mmio to bdf for HV cmdline

  • 23c2166a HV: change serial PCI cfg to bus:dev.func format

  • 1caf58f2 hv:clean io_request.c MISRA violations

  • 530388db hv: irq: fix MISRA-C violations in irq.c and idt.h

  • 08cf8f64 hv: lapic: fix MISRA-C violation of potential numeric overflow

  • 83ebd432 hv: ptdev: fix MISRA-C violations

  • ccda4595 dm: passthru: add error handling if msix table init failed

  • 3363779d dm: passthru: msi/msix handling revisit

  • 38c11784 hv: coding style: refine mmu.c

  • 2fefff34 HV: x86: fix “Global variable should be declared const”

  • eff94591 HV: x86: fix “Procedure has more than one exit point”

  • e283e774 hv: vmcs: fix MISRA-C violations related to multiple exits

  • 4618a6b1 hv: vmcs: fix MISRA-C violations related to pointer

  • 8e58a686 hv: vmcs: fix MISRA-C violations related to variable scope

  • 9a051e7a hv: vmcs: fix MISRA-C violations related to style

  • 7d8cd911 security: remove gcc flags Wformat Wformat-security in HV

  • d133f95d hv: fix MISRA-C violations “Pointer param should be declared pointer to const.”

  • f81fb21a HV: modularization to refine pm related code.

  • 03262a96 hv: refine coding style for ucode.c

  • 927c5172 hv: vpci: fix MISRA-C violations related to variable declarations

  • 4c28e98d hv: refine a few functions to only one exit point

  • 64a46300 hv:refine prepare_vm0 api

  • b5e0efca hv: coding style: refine memory.c

  • 5b467269 hv: lib: remove memchr

  • 97132acc Make ibrs_type as internal variable

  • 55cce7e4 Fix MISRA-C violation in cpu_caps.c and security.c

  • 689c1c28 function name change in init.c

  • 5968da46 move security related funcs into security.c

  • 0ad6da99 make detect_cpu_cap as internal function

  • e22217fd refine apicv capability check

  • 7c8b7671 refine in cpu_caps.c

  • 63773db4 change get_monitor_cap to has_monitor_cap

  • 6830619d modularization: combine vmx_caps into cpu_caps

  • 746fbe14 modularization: move functions related with cpu caps into cpu_caps.c

  • b8ffac8b hv:fix possible buffer overflow in ‘ptirq_get_intr_data()’

  • 6aa42272 fix “Procedure has more than one exit point.”

  • 65a7be8f hv:refine alloc_vm_id api

  • 235ad0ff hv: refine memcpy_s

  • f9897c6f hv: refine memset

  • 78e9a84f hv: add fast string enhanced rep movsb/stosb check on initial

  • 3515ca1e hv: vpci: fix “Procedure has more than one exit point”

  • c547e9cf hv: enable/disable snoop control bit per vm

  • 20280341 hv: MISRA-C fix “identifier reuse” in vpci code

  • 2ddd24e0 dm: storage: support discard command

  • f71370ad dm: storage: rename delete to discard

  • 36863a0b modularization: vmx on/off should not use vcpu param

  • bed82dd3 cleanup vmcs source and header files

  • 731c4836 modularization: separate vmx.c into two parts

  • 0d5c65f1 hv: enforce data size on all out exits

  • 5ab68eb9 dm: hw: Replace sscanf with permitted string API

  • 63b814e7 dm: hw: Replace strlen with strnlen

  • eab7cd47 dm: hw: Replace sprintf with snprintf

  • 69dc9392 hv: drop the temporary stack for AP startup

  • 74849cd9 modularization:move out efi dir from hypervisor

  • 59e3f562 remove check_tsc

  • d2bac7cc cpu_dead should only run on current pcpu

  • d2627ecf DM USB: xHCI: fix an issues for failing to enumerate device

  • 1c3344b7 DM USB: xHCI: change log level for S3 process

  • 3dadb62d HV: fix bug change default vuart IRQ for UP2 board

  • a3d2a7e7 hv: vpci: 2 MISRA-C violation fixes

  • 44e9318c hv: vmsr: fix MISRA_C violations

  • 117b71e6 doc: add partition mode hld

  • ed5e210d Doc: Update GSG for v0.4 version and launch and acrn.conf sample script

  • 57bf26dc hv: fix possible buffer overflow issues

  • 73ab7274 dm: set correct thread name

  • cb313815 dm: vhost: remove support for non-msix devices

  • b29fc619 dm: virtio-net: apply new mevent API to avoid race issue

  • 4f36244f dm: virtio-console: apply new mevent API to avoid race issue

  • baf8f8bd dm: virtio-input: apply new mevent API to avoid race issue

  • c2df4a85 DM USB: xHCI: no wait logic implementation for S3

  • 82659831 DM USB: xHCI: refine emulation for command XHCI_CMD_RS

  • e5c98e6d DM USB: add usb_dev_path_cmp function for convenience

  • 6c1ca137 DM USB: xHCI: remove the waiting 5 seconds wa for s3

  • 4fc5dcfc hv: enable SMAP in hypervisor

  • 57dfc7de hv: refine IOREQ state operation functions in hypervisor

  • c89d6e65 modularization: clean up namings in vMTRR module

  • 6bbd0129 modularization: move vMTRR code to guest directory

  • e066774a hv: refine strnlen_s/strstr_s to only one exit point

  • e114ea7e hv: timer: fix procedure has more than one exit point

  • 4131d46f hv: remove goto in ept_violation_vmexit_handler

  • a958fea7 hv: emulate IA32_TSC_ADJUST MSR

  • 6b998580 Fix KW issues for tpm_emulator

  • 2d469a5e modularization: hypervisor initialization component

  • 9a7d32f0 modularization: reorg the bsp_boot_init & cpu_secondary_init

  • 9e917057 profiling: split profiling_vmexit_handler into two functions

  • 302494cb doc: update some statements

  • 07309fdc doc: update some statements

  • 40f375b4 Doc: modify the note of UOS kernel modules

  • 2d9e478c Doc: delete the step of downloading UOS’s kernel

  • c3a4a5d4 Doc: add “$” for code

  • d56e2c29 Doc: update the steps

  • 2be939f3 Doc: add “Deploy the UOS kernel modules for AGL”

  • 73161f91 Update using_agl_as_uos.rst

  • c51394c3 doc: update the doc of AGL as UOS

  • e5748795 doc: update the doc of using AGL as UOS

  • fbaecde6 DM USB: xHCI: Fix banned API issue.

  • e835f5f5 dm: enforce data size when accessing PCI BARs

  • f5a66e8e doc: update OVMF usage for acrn-dm

  • d8c4e7d3 dm: add option to boot OVMF from acrn-dm

  • 9e97fd06 dm: add BIOS/ROM image loading support at High BIOS region

  • 653a5795 dm: query and save image size during initial checking

  • a80f08eb dm: add launch_uos.args sample file for AaaG

  • 04fef4f3 tools: acrn-manager: change path of vm conf files

  • 2f30dcdb hv: refine strncpy_s to only one exit point

  • b8ca17c6 hv: remove strcpy_s

  • 29c8494f hv: replace strcpy_s with strncpy_s

  • 07427b4c modularization: move virtual cpuid stuff into guest dir

  • 90d7bddd doc: vertical align table content to top

  • e4143ca1 doc: fix use of double dashes

  • 6dec1667 doc: improve acrn-dm param layout

  • 21a5b308 Update add acrn-dm parameter descriptions

  • c45300fb Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • 6d5b769d Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • 5998f434 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • c607aedf Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • ba79b218 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • 4ab193cf Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • 1c70f812 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • 341bf84c Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • a0708339 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • a7be8f73 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • 5aedc8f4 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • e7e8ce63 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • 24542894 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • edd06fe9 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

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  • 7446089d Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • 666c97b0 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • a21c3ca3 Update doc/developer-guides/hld/hld-devicemodel.rst

  • 7bcd7054 doc: additional DM parameter documentation

  • 97c95697 doc: update code to “losetup -r”

  • 4355b0df doc: update some statements

  • ad1ba225 doc: update some statements

  • 6bfbf166 Doc: Update some statements

  • 85b30685 Doc: define swap partition with 1G

  • fae136c2 doc: remove “software-defined-cockpit”

  • 33b87064 Doc: Update the doc of “Build UOS from Clear Linux”

  • 8b83cadd doc: update the layout of the doc

  • 71bf586e doc: upload tutorial of ‘Build UOS from Clear Linux’

  • bc5b27a7 tools: acrnctl: increase STOP_TIMEOUT to 30s when reset VM

  • bb768904 config: add up2-sbl board related configs

  • 59c2b33a Makefile: separate PLATFORM into BOARD+FIRMWARE

  • 064a3106 tools: vmcfg: use defconfig instead of default values in Kconfig

  • ed1c576d dm: pass mac seed not to use vm name

  • e3fc6c3c hv: use int32_t replace int

  • e8f3a2d4 hv: use uint64_t replace “unsigned long”

  • 473d8713 hv: use uint32_t replace “unsigned int”

  • 8bafde99 hv: use uint8_t replace “unsigned char”

  • a1435f33 dm: bios: update vSBL to V1.1

  • 4d13ad9d hv: enable NX in hypervisor

  • 405d1335 doc: add 0.4 to doc version menu

  • 2ef06450 dm: virtio-input: ignore all MSC events from FE

  • 19fb5fa0 dm: adjust the sequence of destroy client and wait for vm_loop exit

  • bff592d9 HV: rename e820_entries to e820_entries_count

  • 9b58b9d1 HV: improve e820 interfaces and their usages

  • b69d24b1 HV: separate e820 related code as e820.c/h

  • c5d827ab ACRN: Add runC container sample config file

  • da0cf3af DM: xHCI: unbind slot id and ndevices relationship.

  • c2be20d2 move idt.S and idt.h out of boot component

  • 27938c33 move idt fixup out of cpu_primary.S

  • 6b42b347 init fs and gs with 0x10

  • cf34cda3 version: 0.5-unstable