ACRN v1.2 (Aug 2019)

We are pleased to announce the release of ACRN version 1.2.

ACRN is a flexible, lightweight reference hypervisor, built with real-time and safety-criticality in mind, optimized to streamline embedded development through an open source platform. Check out the Introduction to Project ACRN for more information. All project ACRN source code is maintained in the repository and includes folders for the ACRN hypervisor, the ACRN device model, tools, and documentation. You can either download this source code as a zip or tar.gz file (see the ACRN v1.2 GitHub release page) or use Git clone and checkout commands:

git clone
cd acrn-hypervisor
git checkout v1.2

The project’s online technical documentation is also tagged to correspond with a specific release: generated v1.2 documents can be found at Documentation for the latest (master) branch is found at ACRN v1.2 requires Clear Linux* OS version 30690. Please follow the instructions in the Using SDC Mode on the NUC.

Version 1.2 major features

What’s New in v1.2

  • Support OVMF as virtual boot loader for Service VM to launch Clearlinux, VxWorks or Windows, Secure boot is supported
  • Support Kata container
  • Windows as a Guest (WaaG): USB host (xHCI) mediator
  • Virtualization supports Always Running Timer (ART)
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

New Features Details

  • 3051 - Kata Container Storage: Support rescan feature for virtio-blk
  • 3163 - WaaG: USB host support
  • 3401 - System is lagging when execute “fdisk -l” to query disk information with multiple USB devices after launch or reboot UOS
  • 3486 - USB mediator: mediator mode can not recognize the SSD disk in RTVM and LaaG
  • 3501 - Virtualization supports Always Running Timer (ART)
  • 3505 - Succeed to reboot the whole system while execute reboot command in SOS
  • 3506 - OVMF release v1.2

Fixed Issues Details

  • 2326 - There is no Read value output in the log when test “ST_PERF_USB2/3_mass_storage_protocol_Read_Large_File_as_Host”
  • 2927 - The android guest will hung after test USB mediator camera[Frequency:20%]
  • 3027 - Reboot SOS Failed[Frequency:10%]
  • 3152 - Use virtio-blk instead passthru devices to boot RT
  • 3181 - [auto][sit][daily]Case “Hypervisor_Launch_RTVM_on_SATA_Storage” sata disk can not passthru
  • 3239 - HV can not produce #GP correctly sometimes
  • 3268 - dm: add virtio-rnd device to command line
  • 3277 - Potential Memory Leaks Found
  • 3279 - AcrnGT causes display flicker in some situations
  • 3280 - AcrnGT holding forcewake lock cause high cpu usage gvt workload thread
  • 3281 - AcrnGT emulation thread causes high cpu usage when shadowing ppgtt
  • 3283 - New scenario-based configurations lack documentation
  • 3341 - Documentation on how to run Windows as a Guest (WaaG)
  • 3370 - vm_console 2 cannot switch to VM2’s console in hybrid mode
  • 3374 - Potential interrupt info overwrite in acrn_handle_pending_request
  • 3379 - DM: Increase hugetlbfs MAX_PATH_LEN from 128 to 256
  • 3392 - During run UnigenHeaven 3D gfx benchmark in WaaG, RTVM lantency is much long
  • 3466 - Buffer overflow will happen in ‘strncmp’ when ‘n_arg’ is 0
  • 3467 - Potential risk in virtioi_i2c.c & virtio_console.c
  • 3469 - [APL NUC] Display goes black while booting; when only one display monitor is connected
  • 3473 - dm: bugfix for remote launch guest issue
  • 3480 - Add script to acrn-config/target and acrn-config/host/board_confing
  • 3482 - Acrn-hypervisor Root Directory Clean-up and Create misc/ folder for Acrn daemons, services and tools
  • 3512 - hv: hypervisor console may hang in some platforms

Known Issues

3465 - HV: reinit pbar base if a device reset is detected
When a passthru pci device is reset, its physical bar base address may be reset to 0, with vpci bar emulation, vpci needs to reinit the physical bar base address to a valid address if a device reset is detected.

   Impact: Fail to launch Clear Linux Preempt_RT VM with reset passthru parameter

   Workaround: Issue resolved on ACRN tag: acrn-2019w33.1-140000p

3520 - bundle of “VGPU unconformance guest” messages observed for “gvt” in SOS console while using UOS

After the need_force_wake is not removed in course of submitting VGPU workload, it will print a bundle of below messages while the User VM is started.

gvt: vgpu1 unconformance guest detected
gvt: vgpu1 unconformance mmio 0x2098:0xffffffff,0x0

   Impact: Messy and repetitive output from the monitor

   Workaround: Need to rebuild and apply the latest Service VM kernel from the acrn-kernel source code.

3533 - NUC hang while repeating the cold boot

NUC will hang while repeating cold boot operation.

  1. Before begin coldboot, enable no passwd ssh for SOS and RTVM.
  2. Boot up Service VM
  3. Boot up Zephyr guest with UUID “d2795438-25d6-11e8-864e-cb7a18b34643”
  4. Boot up RTVM with UUID “495ae2e5-2603-4d64-af76-d4bc5a8ec0e5”
  5. Reboot RTVM and then will restart the whole system
  6. After Service VM boot up, return to step 3

   Impact: Cold boot operation is not stable for NUC platform

   Workaround: Need to rebuild and apply the latest Service VM kernel from the acrn-kernel source code.

3576 - Expand default memory from 2G to 4G for WaaG

   Impact: More memory size is required from Windows VM

   Workaround: Issue resolved on ACRN tag: acrn-2019w33.1-140000p

3609 - Sometimes fail to boot os while repeating the cold boot operation

   Workaround: Please refer the PR information in this git issue

3610 - LaaG hang while run some workloads loop with zephyr idle

   Workaround: Revert commit bbb891728d82834ec450f6a61792f715f4ec3013 from the kernel

3611 - OVMF launch UOS fail for Hybrid and industry scenario

   Workaround: Please refer the PR information in this git issue

Change Log

These commits have been added to the acrn-hypervisor repo since the v1.1 release in June 2019 (click on the CommitID link to see details):

  • 2dbc8f03 - doc: remove references to 2.0 in intro
  • 2d61e512 - doc: Release Notes v1.2
  • f33886d9 - doc: add new scenario-based intro
  • 5b3b8efe - doc: incorporate new scenario-based hardware doc
  • 0b9257df - doc: update Getting started guide for Intel NUC software setup
  • 39aa209d - doc: update Getting started guide for Intel NUC software setup
  • a55436b5 - doc:update Getting started guide for Intel NUC software setup
  • 664fa27d - doc: update Using SBL on UP2 Board
  • e9e59399 - doc: add limitation for UEFI services
  • 63e66e65 - doc: hybrid mode scenario introduction
  • 6b756b8b - doc: add the SDC2 scenario doc into the navigation
  • a3251d85 - doc: incorporate scenario-based doc update
  • defac8d1 - doc: apply edits to SDC2 scenario doc
  • da744ac3 - doc: adding guide to launch 2 Linux UOSes using SDC2 scenario
  • b5140fdd - doc: update v1.0.1 release notes
  • e3349195 - doc: release notes v1.0.1
  • 4b5a06c1 - doc: improve CSS for home page grid
  • f7861687 - doc: fix image proportions on home page for ie
  • 42d7fbea - doc: fix broken links after content reorg
  • fd2e4391 - doc: additional doc navigation restructuring
  • 34f9fec4 - doc: simplify navigation with restored doc org
  • f88348e9 - doc: continue doc restructuring
  • 901a65cb - HV: inject exception for invalid vmcall
  • c4f66810 - softirq: disable interrupt when modify timer_list
  • f49ab66b - HV: fix highest severity flag in hybrid mode
  • 11d4f415 - doc: Reorganize documentation site content
  • e188e1f2 - DM USB: xHCI: fix an error in PORTSC emulation
  • 55a5876e - DM USB: xHCI: workaround for USB SSD which supports UAS protocol
  • 0e2cfd2d - DM USB: add native info in control transfer logging code
  • 87cafaea - OVMF release v1.2
  • 52618d0a - doc: Update WaaG tutorial launch script and OVMF binary
  • 8f65bfe6 - README: Fix Getting Started URL
  • 363daf6a - HV: return extended info in vCPUID leaf 0x40000001
  • accdadce - HV: Enable vART support by intercepting TSC_ADJUST MSR
  • 4adc8102 - Makefile: Add install for uefi firmware
  • 18b4e302 - acrn-config: add README for scenario_config and launch_config
  • a03b1341 - acrn-config: generate a patch and apply to acrn-hypervisor
  • 8adefe26 - acrn-config: generate board information on target board
  • 107c406b - dm: array bound checking to avoid buffer overflow
  • 493ddefd - dm: fix pointer not checked for null before use
  • d4f44bc7 - hv: fix debug message format in ‘init_pci_pdev_list’
  • bde1d4b1 - acrn-hv: code review fix lib/string.c
  • 653aa859 - DM: monitor support force stop
  • 8b27daa7 - tools: acrnctl add ‘–force’ option to ‘stop’ cmd
  • 59fd4202 - tools: add force parameter to acrn VM stop operations
  • d1c8a514 - doc: Add ovmf option description
  • 9139f94e - HV: correct CONFIG_BOARD string of apl up2
  • 8ee1615e - doc: fix issues from moving tools to misc/tools
  • f44517c7 - final edits 3
  • 879d0131 - final edit 2
  • 1ccb9020 - final edits
  • d485ed86 - edits
  • 28e49ac1 - more edits
  • cc2714ee - edits from David review
  • 7ee02d8e - Image resize
  • 87162e8b - Making three images even smaller
  • 42960ddc - Adjust picture size for SGX
  • d0f7563d - Corrected images and formatting
  • ce7a126f - Added 3 SGX images
  • 01504ecf - Initial SGX Virt doc upload
  • a9c38a5c - HV:Acrn-hypvervisor Root Directory Clean-up and create misc/ folder for Acrn daemons, services and tools.
  • 555a03db - HV: add board specific cpu state table to support Px Cx
  • cd3b8ed7 - HV: fix MISRA violation of cpu state table
  • a092f400 - HV: make the functions void
  • d6bf0605 - HV: remove redundant function calling
  • c175141c - dm: bugfix for remote launch guest issue
  • 4a27d083 - hv: schedule: schedule to idel after SOS resume form S3
  • 7b224567 - HV: Remove the mixed usage of inline assembly in wait_sync_change
  • baf7d90f - HV: Refine the usage of monitor/mwait to avoid the possible lockup
  • 11cf9a4a - hv: mmu: add hpa2hva_early API for earlt boot
  • 40475e22 - hv: debug: use printf to debug on early boot
  • cc47dbe7 - hv: uart: enable early boot uart
  • 3945bc4c - dm: array bound and NULL pointer issue fix
  • 9fef51ab - doc: organize release notes into a folder
  • ff299d5c - dm: support VMs communication with virtio-console
  • 18ecdc12 - hv: uart: make uart base address more readable
  • 49e60ae1 - hv: refine handler to ‘rdpmc’ vmexit
  • 0887eecd - doc: remove deprecated sos_bootargs
  • 2e79501e - doc:udpate using_partition_mode_on_nuc nuc7i7bnh to nuc7i7dnb
  • a7b6fc74 - HV: allow write 0 to MSR_IA32_MCG_STATUS
  • 3cf1daa4 - HV: move vbar info to board specific pci_devices.h
  • ce4d71e0 - vpci: fix coding style issue
  • a27ce27a - HV: rename nuc7i7bnh to nuc7i7dnb
  • dde20bdb - HV:refine the handler for ‘invept’ vmexit
  • 16a7d252 - DM: ovmf NV storage writeback support
  • c787aaa3 - dm: allow High BIOS to be modifiable by the guest
  • 12955fa8 - hv_main: Remove the continue in vcpu_thread
  • f0e1c5e5 - vcpu: init vcpu host stack when reset vcpu
  • 11e67f1c - softirq: move softirq from hv_main to interrupt context
  • cb9866bc - softirq:spinlock: correct vioapic/vpic lock usage
  • 87558b6f - doc: remove vuart configuration in nuc and up2
  • e729b657 - doc: Add ACRN tag or Clear Linux version info for some tutorials
  • ffa7f805 - doc: Add tutorial to learn to sign binaries of a Clear Linux image.
  • be44e138 - doc: update WaaG doc
  • a4abeaf9 - hv: enforce no interrupt to RT VM via vlapic once lapic pt
  • 97f6097f - hv: add ops to vlapic structure
  • c1b4121e - dm: virtio-i2c: minor fix
  • d28264ff - doc: update CODEOWNERS for doc reviews
  • a90a6a10 - HV: add SDC2 config in hypervisor/arch/x86/Kconfig
  • 796ac550 - hv: fix symbols not stripped from release binaries
  • 63e258bd - efi-stub: update string operation in efi-stub
  • 05acc8b7 - hv: vuart: bugfix for communication vuart
  • ecc472f9 - doc: fix format in WaaG document
  • 7990f52f - doc: Add introduction of using Windows Guest OS
  • 600aa8ea - HV: change param type of init_pcpu_pre
  • e352553e - hv: atomic: remove atomic load/store and set/clear
  • b39526f7 - hv: schedule: vCPU schedule state setting don’t need to be atomic
  • 8af334cb - hv: vcpu: operation in vcpu_create don’t need to be atomic
  • 540841ac - hv: vlapic: EOI exit bitmap should set or clear atomically
  • 0eb08548 - hv: schedule: minor fix about the return type of need_offline
  • e69b3dcf - hv: schedule: remove runqueue_lock in sched_context
  • b1dd3e26 - hv: cpu: pcpu_active_bitmap should be set atomically
  • 1081e100 - hv: schedule: NEED_RESCHEDULE flag should be set atomically
  • 7d43a93f - HV: validate multiboot cmdline before merge cmdline
  • 45afd777 - tools:acrn-crashlog: detect the panic event from all pstore files
  • be586b49 - doc:Update Getting started guide for Intel NUC
  • 009a16bd - vhostbridge: update vhostbridge to use vdev_ops
  • 9eba328b - vdev_ops: add general vdev ops
  • 37de8f0b - vbar:msi:msix: export vbar/msi/msix access checking
  • c2d25aaf - pci_vdev: add pci_vdev_ops to pci_vdev
  • 7a3ea2ad - DM USB: xHCI: fix corner case of short packet logic
  • 32d186ba - DM USB: xHCI: add the resume state for PLS bits
  • c3d4cc36 - DM USB: xHCI: refine the logic of Stop Endpoint cmd
  • 56868982 - DM USB: xHCI: change log for convenience of debugging
  • 4db7865c - tools: acrn-manager: fix headers install for ioc cbc tools
  • 5b1852e4 - HV: add kata support on sdc scenario
  • 2d4809e3 - hv: fix some potential array overflow risk
  • e749ced4 - dm: remove unsafe apis in dm log
  • d8b752c4 - dm: fix variable argument list read without ending with va_end
  • 178c016a - tools: fix variable argument list read without ending with va_end
  • b96a3555 - dm: fix some possible memory leak
  • 304ae381 - HV: fix “use – or ++ operations”
  • 1884bb05 - HV: modify HV RAM and serial config for apl-nuc
  • f18dfcf5 - HV: prepare ve820 for apl nuc
  • 2ec16949 - HV: fix sbuf “Casting operation to a pointer”
  • 79d03302 - HV: fix vmptable “Casting operation to a pointer”
  • 9063504b - HV: ve820 fix “Casting operation to a pointer”
  • 1aef5290 - doc: Add platform sos info and GUI screenshots against Celadon Guest OS
  • 714162fb - HV: fix violations touched type conversion
  • 5d6c9c33 - hv: vlapic: clear up where needs atomic operation in vLAPIC
  • 05a4ee80 - hv: cpu: refine secondary cpu start up
  • 5930e96d - hv: io_req: refine vhm_req status setting
  • 1ea3052f - HV: check security mitigation support for SSBD
  • b592404f - script: set virtio-console BE to stdio for LaaG
  • d90fee9f - hv: add vuart for VM2 in hybrid scenario
  • 59800214 - DM: Increase hugetlbfs MAX_PATH_LEN from 128 to 256
  • 44fc5fcb - doc: fix typos in rtvm workload design doc
  • 503b71a1 - doc: add guideline for RTVM workload design
  • 93659f01 - doc: Add introduction of launching Celadon User OS
  • 4b6dc025 - HV: fix vmptable misc violations
  • 564a6012 - HV: fix vuart.c “Parameter needs to add const”
  • e4d1c321 - hv:fix “no prototype for non-static function”
  • 4129b72b - hv: remove unnecessary cancel_event_injection related stuff
  • ea849177 - hv: fix interrupt lost when do acrn_handle_pending_request twice
  • 9a7043e8 - HV: remove instr_emul.c dead code
  • 254577a6 - makefile: fix parallel build
  • 3164f397 - hv: Mitigation for CPU MDS vulnerabilities.
  • 076a30b5 - hv: refine security capability detection function.
  • 127c98f5 - hv: vioapic: fix interrupt lost and redundant interrupt
  • e720dda5 - DM: virtio-i2c: add dsdt info
  • b6f9ed39 - DM: virtio-i2c: add msg process logic
  • 859af9e0 - DM: virtio-i2c: add backend interface
  • a450add6 - DM: virtio-i2c: add support for virtio i2c adapter
  • 2751f137 - dm: remove Execute attribute of usb_pmapper.c
  • f3ffce4b - hv: vmexit: ecx should be checked instead of rcx when xsetbv
  • e8371166 - dm: clean up assert in virtio_rnd.c
  • 842da0ac - dm: cleanup assert in core.c
  • 012ec751 - HV: rename vbdf in struct pci_vdev to bdf
  • 148e7473 - HV: add support for PIO bar emulation
  • 4be09f24 - HV: enable bar emulation for sos
  • af163d57 - HV: add support for 64-bit bar emulation
  • 09a63560 - hv: vm_manage: minor fix about triple_fault_shutdown_vm
  • ebf5c5eb - hv: cpu: remove CPU up count
  • 647797ff - hv: ptdev: refine ptdev active flag
  • cb8bbf7b - dm: clean up the use of errx
  • 82f7720a - dm: vhpet: clean up asserts
  • aac82750 - dm: vpit: clean up asserts
  • 81f9837e - Revert “dm: add “noapic” to rt-linux kernel parameters”
  • 5a9a7bcd - dm: gvt: clean up assert
  • bd3f2044 - dm: hyper_dmabuf: clean up assert
  • 56501834 - dm: gc: clean up assert
  • 4a22801d - hv: ept: mask EPT leaf entry bit 52 to bit 63 in gpa2hpa
  • c64877f5 - tools: add check to verify that running with root privileges
  • 4c3f298e - doc:add more description about application constraints
  • ae996250 - HV: extract functions from code to improve code reuse and readability
  • 84e09a22 - HV: remove uint64_t base from struct pci_bar
  • 5a8703f7 - HV: need to unmap existing EPT mapping for a vbar base (gpa)
  • 0247c0b9 - Hv: minor cosmetic fix
  • f0244b24 - HV: call get_vbar_base() to get the newly set vbar base address in 64-bit
  • ed1bdcbb - HV: add uint64_t bar_base_mapped[PCI_BAR_COUNT] to struct pci_vdev
  • 65ca6ae4 - HV: add get_vbar_base() to get vbar base address in 64-bit
  • 7a2f5244 - HV: store the vbar base address in vbar’s reg member
  • 1b4dbdab - HV: add get_pbar_base() to get pbar base address in 64-bit
  • 8707834f - HV: remove the function get_bar_base()
  • 74b78898 - HV:fix vcpu more than one return entry
  • 198e0171 - HV:fix vcpu violations
  • dc510030 - version: 1.2-unstable