ACRN Shell Commands

The ACRN hypervisor shell supports the following commands:

Command (and parameters) Description
help Displays information about supported hypervisor shell commands
vm_list Lists all VMs, displaying VM Name, VM ID, and VM State (ON=running)
vcpu_list Lists all VCPUs in all VMs
vcpu_dumpreg <vm_id, vcpu_id> Dumps registers for a specific VCPU
dumpmem <hva, length> Dumps host memory, starting a given address, and for a given length (in bytes)
sos_console Switches to the SOS’s console
int Lists interrupt information per CPU
pt Shows pass-through device information
reboot Triggers a system reboot (immediately)
dump_ioapic Shows native ioapic information
vmexit Shows vmexit profiling
logdump <pcpu_id> Dumps the log buffer for the physical CPU
loglevel [console_loglevel] [mem_loglevel] Get (when no parameters are given) or Set loglevel [0 (none) - 6 (verbose)] for the console and optionally for memory
cpuid <leaf> [subleaf] Displays the CPUID leaf [subleaf], in hexadecimal