Using the Serial Port on KBL Intel NUC

You can enable the serial console on the KBL Intel NUC (NUC7i7DNH). The KBL Intel NUC has a serial port header you can expose with a serial DB9 header cable. (The Intel NUC has a punch out hole for mounting the serial connector.)


Figure 112 KBL Intel NUC with populated serial port punchout

You can purchase such a cable or you can build it yourself; refer to the KBL Intel NUC product specification as shown below:


Figure 113 KBL serial port header details

You’ll also need an RS232 DB9 female to USB cable, or an RS232 DB9 female/female (NULL modem) cross-over cable to connect to your host system.

Note that If you want to use the RS232 DB9 female/female cable, choose the cross-over type rather than straight-through type.